Saturday, March 11, 2017

Quick advertisment--two books of interest

We will indeed be dealing with House and Wilson, Wilson and House in the in the next entry.

But to pause for a moment, I would like to suggest my recently updated and retitled book about World War I, The Great War: Western Front and Home Front (Palgrave, 2016). It is an expanded version of my 2003 book on the Western Front.

If you are interested in a historical adventure novel, I have written one of those too. It deals with some deep precursors to World War I, and is set in the British Empire in the 1880s.  It is called Anima and the Goat. You can buy it in a good paperback edition or a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

Also, Anima and the Goat is on sale right now on the huge indie book site, Smashwords.  Smashwords has all important e-Book forms, so you can download in any of those. The "sale" lasts until the end of March 2017. Feel free to write a review of the novel, either on Smashwords or Amazon or BOTH.

(For that matter, thousands of books in e-format are on sale for cheap or free during March at Smashwords. Take a look!)

OK, back to American Intervention in the Great War.

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